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Singapore has always been the preferred location for regional headquarters in the United States, Europe and Japan companies. In recent years, many Asia companies have taken Singapore as the global market platform. In Singapore, multinational companies can communicate with each other, do trading and also partnerships.

While Singapore is attracting and encouraging more multinational enterprises to set up their regional headquarters in Singapore, the current multinational enterprises are developing their business to a higher level. It has come up with real terms policy for these higher value-added business activities including regional and global business planning, talent training, accounting and finance activities, research and development, intellectual property management and supply chain management.

Under the Headquarters economic development plan, the headquarters of the regional and international business activities and eligible companies can apply for preferential policies.

- Currently, there are a total of 26000 international companies that are based in Singapore. Within 7000 multinational enterprises, there are 60% of them that have started regional business activities.
- In the eyes of foreign enterprises, Singapore is a country with the best quality of life with the Asian countries. According to the survey that global HR research firm ECA International did, factors like excellent infrastructure, low crime rates, social and political stability have made Singapore the best place of life.
- About a third of 'Fortune 500' companies have chosen to set up Asian headquarters here.
- Singapore signed 50 agreements on avoidance of double taxation and 30 investment guarantee agreements, to allow companies which choose Singapore as their headquarters of their business to enjoy the tax advantages.
- As the assigned (Paris Convention for the protection of industrial property rights and agreement on trade-related aspects of intellectual property rights) signatory, Singapore has provided additional protection for enterprises, to achieve the maximum potential of intellectual property.
- As one of the world's largest foreign exchange market, Singapore has a perfect financial system and attracts many regional financial centre to locate them here.
- It is very rare for Singapore to have a poor standard of AAA credit rating as a country.

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Singapore not only has a leading position in areas of international financial, trade finance, maritime operation, insurance and finance, it is also significantly doing well in the asset and wealth management. In addition, Singapore is also a collection of international financial activities of environment site.

Companies based in Singapore can take advantage of the local diversity of the capital market, and enjoy from more than 500 local or foreign financial institutions that are providing high quality financial services such as auditing, accounting and management consulting services, market research, advertising and public relations services, human capital and legal services.

Singapore has rapidly developed itself to an ideal location of a centralized service hub or ‘shared services’ country, where the finance, information technology and logistics operation are concentrated together, aiding the enterprises to reduce operational costs and improve their productivity, so that they can maintain a consistent level of service.

International companies that locate their headquarters in Singapore will gradually realize the advantages of being located there. By virtue of the robust trade and investment activities, Singapore was chosen as the most competitive in the global competitiveness of Asian countries in 2011. According to the 2011 World Bank business environment report, Singapore is the easiest country to set up a business in.
Singapore is the world’s best city for work, life and leisure. A global and multicultural environment and a high degree of internationalization of the city, provides a favourable environment for the development of innovative and knowledge-intensive industries.

Political stability of Singapore and enterprise development demands a high degree of agreement, which is also an ideal location for invention and development of innovative enterprises返回顶部


Singapore has always been known for its honesty, quality, reliability, efficiency and strict rule of law, intellectual property law, and law enforcement policy, which are exactly what elements of a knowledge economy should have. According to the early 2008 of IMD’s world competitiveness report, Singapore is Asia’s most clean economy, ranking third in the world.

Singapore took a competitive tax rate and tax policy, and a comprehensive strategic management on the petroleum chemical industry, electronics, clean energy, and other major pillar industries. Recently, Singapore has developed a new development policy named  ‘Our future ∙ Our Singapore’, aimed at urban programmes, recreation, ageing and health, lifestyle products and services, new ideas or provide a mode of operation for investors and also testing locations.

As an ideal location for creative development, Singapore has established a sound research and development (R&D) eco-system, and perfect the intellectual property (IP) protection system. According to IMD’s 2008 World Competitiveness Report, it was named the best Asian site of intellectual property protection, ranking second in the world. Besides that, Singapore is committed to protect and promote the development of patented and innovative products, and in June 2005, the World Intellectual Property Organization set up its first Asia Regional Office in Singapore.

Singapore government has all along pursued policies regardless of the advantages and disadvantages of the global economic environment. The government has taken strong measures that include reducing the corporate tax rate and the employer’s Provident Fund (CPF) rate of pay, as well as maximizing the office rental charge. Singapore has always maintained a high level of public service efficiency and quality. In June 2006, the Political and Economic Risk Consultancy (PERC) rated Singapore as the head of the Asian economies.

Global transportation hub with the most extensive network of trade agreements in Asia 返回顶部


Its good geographical location makes it a world-class shipping and air transport hub. Singapore has the world’s busiest container port with 200 shipping lines, connecting more than 600 ports in 123 countries.

Changi International Airport offers more than 4000 flights a week connecting 182 cities in 57 countries, providing convenient and effective services for passengers and freight. Changi air freight centre provides 24-hour one-stop services, allowing freight companies to transport, load, store or repackage of goods without having to handle the relevant files or paying import duties. These factors have thus attracted about 6000 logistics service providers to come to Singapore, including 21 of the world’s top 25 third-party logistics service providers.

The comprehensive public transport system has provided a convenient subway, bus and taxi service, making the touring of Singapore easier. For the benefit of consumers in the area of credit industry, Singapore’s broadband network has covered 99% of the population, and the international and regional connectivity now stands at 27.6Tbps to more than 100 countries.

Local based companies can make use of the land, sea and air transport and telecommunications links and service delivery for their goods to be sent to any part of the world as long as it is needed.

Free trade agreements (FTAs)

Singapore has signed free trade agreements (FTAs) with many countries, and currently has Asia’s most extensive free trade agreements (FTAs) network, by reducing tariff and non-tariff barriers, providing a wide range of market and helping them to enter the international market. Singapore has signed agreements with major economies such as the United States, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and the European Free Trade Association member countries, Jordan, China, Chile, Korea, India and Panama. Singapore is currently, actively negotiating free trade agreements with the Middle East and South Asia countries. In addition, Singapore has signed 35 investment guaranteed agreements that are designed to help guarantee investments made by companies based in Singapore in other countries against the non-commercial risks.

Talent-filled Human Resources返回顶部


The period of time needed for the cultivation of world labour force is a long time, and does not form overnight. Singapore is the world’s top ranking in terms of offering of workforce that is recognized to have a high level of productivity, technical ability and positive work attitude. In order to ensure that workers have a deep knowledge, skills and expertise training are given and in turn, results in sustained investment. Training and scholarship programs are developed in conjunction with industry partners, and are designed for workforce who already have mastered English, dedicated to work, and have an ardent desire to upgrade their skills and knowledge to brush up on their industry-related capabilities.

Plenty of research and development resources

In order to achieve rapid business innovation, there must be a world-class research and development facilities and expertise. National Science and Technology Council (A*STAR) ensures that Singapore has more than enough in these two areas. The authorities have 12 study centres, engaging in a variety of work in the field of science and technology (inclusive of ICT, nanotechnology and manufacturing), attracting different kinds of talents like the leading local researchers and overseas experts from Europe, America and Asia-Pacific region, in the luxuriantly group.

In addition, Singapore is also determined to establish and maintain a close trilateral relation among research institutions, industry and universities. And based on this determination, facilitate a smooth exchange of ideas and abilities, and to assist all kinds of innovations be quickly adopted.

Preferred Place for Manufacturing返回顶部


For many years, Singapore’s rapid GDP growth is due to the manufacturing industry to a large extent, and the ‘Manufactured in Singapore’ plan is to show its superior performance in manufacturing. ‘Manufactured in Singapore’ brand highlights our cost competitiveness, efficiency, technological expertise and innovative spirit. Products with this unique logo, represent their quality, reliability and value.

Singapore’s manufacturing focuses on innovation and research and development, and the proportion of GDP has been rising steadily in the past ten years, with more than 27% since 2005. Our goal is to be able to increase our own production value added share by one time before 2018, while maintaining its share of the gross domestic product of a quarter.

Products and services that are ‘Manufactured in Singapore’ are quality assured, thus Singapore based companies can fully put their confidence in it.

Singapore: Preferred Place for manufacturing jobs

The manufacturing industry constitutes one quarter of Singapore economy, and its proportion of GDP has also remained stable. As far as cost competitiveness, Singapore is a highly competitive manufacturing based, and its manufactures are good at the international level in the field of evaluation. Currently, Singapore’s manufacturing base is fine and has a significant growth potential. As the economy further transit to the knowledge and research, we will further construct. With the cooperation of our core capabilities, world-class research institutes and local universities located in Singapore, can assist member companies in local investment and maintain our leading position in areas of the manufacturing services for Singapore.

Our goals in Manufacturing
Before 2018
-       To increase manufacturing output by another 50%, hitting $300 billion
-       To increase manufacturing value-added by another 50%, hitting $80 billion
-        To increase the ratio of high skilled manufacturing workers from a total staff number of
32% to 50%
From now to 2018
-     Generate about 15000 manufacturing job opportunities a year
-     Growth in the manufacturing sector will benefit the service industry, derivating about
6500 jobs annually

Singapore top manufacturing sector secret 'Secret' (SECRET)
With a key initiative like ‘SECRET’ that can strengthen Singapore’s competitive advantages, we can put in high confidence in its position as a sustainable world class manufacturing hub. In these 40 years, Singapore manufacturing culture has evolved from a labour-intensive economy to a research-oriented, knowledge-oriented economic system. Singapore enterprises active in the eco-system are provided with all the resources required for the full range of activities of the value chain for the manufacturing companies, and are centralized in one place. In addition, Singapore’s integrated supply chain management in the area of eco-system will ensure that the global delivery of the enterprises is in the most complete optimization and cost-competitive situation. Singapore has also signed more bilateral and multilateral trade agreements with many countries all over the world to expand our business operations. Also, the economic development council has also been actively cultivating emerging manufacturing jobs in this area so as to promote the driving force of Singapore’s economic growth in future. The technical conditions of production were accomplished properly due to the existing mechanisms of strict intellectual property environment in Singapore and also the numerous research institutions and investment in research.

Supply Chain Management
With the increasingly fierce global competition, the implementation of efficient and innovative supply chain management actually matters. Singapore’s high quality information technology infrastructure, world-class harbour transport links, the airport, as well as the local logistics provider, have enhanced and enriched our supply chain management and allow us to connect to the world.

The size, region and the different development stages of many businesses and enterprises in their respective ecosystems both inside and outside of the industry nourish each other, and have thus formed a thriving dynamic ecosystem of macro-Enterprise. Singapore already has a strong service support, thus forming a strong stability of ecological systems for all sizes of manufacturing companies, circling around the solid core knowledge and be able to grow together.

In terms of manufactured goods, Singapore always has a strong tradition. The manufacturing industry constitutes one quarter of Singapore economy, and its GDP share remains stable internally. From a labour-intensive into a knowledge- and innovation-driven economy, one which is highly competitive. From the angle of comparison of cost/capacity, Singapore is not only has attractive manufacturing job sites, but also the world’s best team (Switzerland Business Environment Risk Assessment Company Reports 2009).
Singapore has signed trade agreements that are more bilateral and multilateral with many countries all over the world, linking us with many other countries in many ways. These agreements such as free trading, avoidance of double taxation, investment protection, as well as mutual recognition, would help new companies in Singapore to cut costs, develop new markets and bring products to the market faster.
Emerging Areas
Singapore is said to be a fertile soil for a company which is catalyzed by a new development, or commercializing their product at an international level. Companies that are venturing in the early stage will enjoy the conducive environment for doing business. For such companies, Singapore is a country throughout Asia, that would allow them to rise faster at lowest possible cost; it was also rated the first in Asia by World Bank (2011) in terms of business operations. At the international level, more and more companies have identified Singapore as the appropriate location of developing technology-intensive and high value-added manufacturing jobs.
Singapore has firm determination on investment in innovation and research and development, and the goal is to bring research and development expenditure in the proportion of the GDP by 2010 from the current 2% to 3%. What attract international companies to the advantages of the local global research and development centre are the many cooperative projects between private and public research institutions, and the dynamic intellectual property system.

Stable political environment返回顶部


In the early 2006, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank Raffles Forum was jointly held in Singapore, Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew believed that good governance with a good political system can ensure the Singapore’s survival and development. Singapore can develop from a country that has no oil reserves into the region’s largest and most efficient refinery and fuel materials centre, shows that the strong infrastructure and a stable political environment plays a supporting role. A good political system is also able to meet basic needs such as housing, education, stability, thereby contributing to the country’s long-term growth. Along with the world-class environment, Singapore has attracted more than 7000 transnational corporations.
Intellectual property protection
In terms of concept and commercialization of innovations, Singapore can said to be one of the best locations in Asia, seriously viewing the protection of intellectual property right issues and has become the one-stop centre for intellectual property asset management in Asia. From creation to its protection and utilization of intellectual property, Singapore has a set of knowledge on all aspects of the activities that can add value to businesses.
Turn your business idea into a knowledge industry
Companies can benefit from the strong stable intellectual property protection mechanisms and legal infrastructure in Singapore. With regards to the protection of intellectual property rights, the World Economic Forum (WEF) and Switzerland Lausanne International Institute for management development (IMD) have awarded Singapore, the best in Asia (2008).
As Singapore is the major international convention on intellectual property treaties, such as the Patent Cooperation Treaty, the Paris Convention and the Berne Convention, the Madrid Agreement, the Budapest Treaty, and States parties to the agreement on trade-related aspects of intellectual property, as well as the world intellectual property organization, enterprises can apply for and access to global intellectual property protection.
In addition, Singapore have other relevant institutions, such as the Singapore intellectual property office, Singapore International Arbitration Centre, Singapore music copyright Association, Singapore recording audio and video industry association, as well as the Singapore Mediation Centre and so on.
Ideal location for commercialization of intellectual property
Setting intellectual property base in Singapore companies can help Singapore prosper the financial industry, superior technology and manufacturing capabilities, as well as its global connectivity to maximize the value of their intellectual property. Local venture capital industry is booming with over 165 venture capital companies, managing more than $ 17.5 billion. Enterprises can take advantage of this rich resource, and finance to commercialize their intellectual property.
Businesses can also benefit from our network of trade agreements and links, including free trade agreements and the avoidance of double taxation agreements. Singapore is one of Asia's most comprehensive trade agreement network, enterprises who are exploring on a wide variety of Asian regional markets to seek new knowledge and business opportunities, Singapore can be your first stop.
Singapore has various types of intellectual property professionals who can aid you in your new patent, copyrights and other services that your trademark would require inclusive of intellectual property litigation, technical information and valuation of intellectual property etc. Come to Singapore now, and we can ensure that you can create, own and exploit your own ideas!
Singapore intellectual property offices (IPOS)
Singapore IP Office provides the appropriate infrastructure, platforms and environments that are used for intellectual property creation, protection, and development.
The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)
World Intellectual Property Organization is dedicated to promote the use of the creation of the human spirit and the protection of international organizations.

Listing and Financing返回顶部


Singapore is China’s eighth largest trading partner, and has also the most clustered China enterprises other than its own country. To date, over 40% of the foreign companies that are listed on the Singapore stock exchange, are Chinese companies. In June 2009, there are 149 Chinese companies listed on the Singapore Exchange. This milestone of attracting Chinese companies to be listed on the Singapore Exchange is what that has enforced Singapore’s position as a leading financial centre.
By the end of 2005, Chinese enterprises listed in the Stock Exchange have a total market capitalization of approximately $16 billion with a total financing amounting to approximately $2.64 billion. Since 2000, the overall performance of the Chinese companies exceeded the overall market. Their market capitalization grew by more than 50% per year in the past five years and this shows that investors are interested in Chinese companies.
Singapore Exchange
Being listed on the SGX allows Chinese companies to raise funds from the international capital market, enjoy the international visibility and benefit from a comprehensive and transparent regulatory framework. Singapore Exchange (SGX) is Asia-Pacific region’s first joint-stock and securities and derivatives transactions in one Exchange. SGX was found in 1st December 1999 and merged by two reputable financial institutions – Singapore Stock Exchange (SES) and the Singapore International Monetary Exchange (SIMEX).
On 23rd November 2000, SGX Listing became the first in Asia-Pacific region listed through public offerings and private placements of stock exchange. SGX stocks are Morgan Stanley Singapore free index (MSCI Singapore Free Index), the Singapore Straits Times index (STI), part of the composition of the benchmark index. SGX is not only an excellent base camp for companies, but also the top global exchange in ranking in attracting international publishers, and has quickly became an overseas risk management centre for international financial derivatives in Asia.
Singapore Venture and Private Capital Investment Association (SVCA)
Singapore Venture and Private Capital Investment Association (SVCA) was established in 1992, and with the support from Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB), has dedicate to promote, encourage and stimulate venture and private capital investment in local development.
SVCA is a non-profit private institution; its main objectives are as follows:

  • Promoting, developing and maintaining of the local investment environment for venture and private capital investment, strengthening investor's confidence and introducing funds
  • Promoting venture and private capital investments in Singapore's development
  • Promoting specialization in venture and private capital investment
  • Representing local industries and venture and private capital investment in handling foreign-related affairs
  • Promoting interaction among members and capital friendly relations among team members

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