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Chinese International School (CNIS)

Chinese International School (CNIS)

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Feature of Institution:International Schools    Established In:2006 year
Home Country:Singapore
Geographical Location:Newton

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Chinese International School (CNIS) is the first overseas international school set up by a Chinese Education Group. ‘Contemporary’, ‘High Qualit’, ‘Internationalization’ are centric values that have been applied in internationalized Kindergartens, Primary Schools and Higher Education Institutes. These invaluable experiences have been accumulated and applied when establishing and developing Chinese International School in Singapore, so as to make CNIS a vibrant, unique member of the Huijia Education Group. Huijia Education Group fully utilized the geographical, economic, social and cultural advantages of both Singapore and China, in order to establish Chinese International School into an international institute that exhibit Chinese Culture, fully integrate East and Western traditional culture.

Vision, Mission and Core Values
School Core Values
Integrity | Passion | Excellence | Internationalism

School Vision
To be an international school integrating Eastern and Western cultures through the IB philosophy

School Mission
seek to provide a holistic learning environment that develops students into caring, thinking and morally upright bilingual global citizens

School Cultural Statement
Chinese International School (CNIS) embrace passion, integrity and internationalism to create a holistic learning environment as continue to strive for excellence.

Faculty and Staff
CNIS staff and faculty who come from more than 20 coutnries around the world, and the resulting multicultural environment, have made CNIS an unique, trans-cultural campus. All teachers have experience teaching in international schools, are familiar with IB’s education philosophy and have personal experiences in understanding cultural differences.

Student Accomodation
The safety of students is paramount at CNIS.  CNIS offer shared dormitories for students with 4 students per room. The dormitory is fully equipped with free laundry, air conditioning, wireless internet, 24 hour adult supervision as well as security staff. CNIS purchases accident insurance for all students.

Enquiries and Counselling
In order to ensure that students are fully immersed into the learning experience, CNIS provide students with psychological and academic counselling, to help students adjust and learn to live with others in harmony. CNIS also enables students to contact/interact with top universities in Singapore, North America and England.




Kindergarten: international students at the age of 3 or more
Primary school: compliance with the provisions of the Ministry of education of school age
High school: compliance with the provisions of the Ministry of education of school age. Through the school interview
High school: apply to IB class must have the spirit of diligence, number, manage, change, solid English foundation, English learning conditions, good health, good psychological quality, can enter CNIS IB course. 

Hotline China:0086-4007160816 Hotline Singapore:0065-67379958
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