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Postgraduate Scholarship / Award (PGS/ PGA)

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Postgraduate Scholarship / Award (PGS/ PGA)
The Yr 2013/2014 MOE Postgraduate Scholarship/Award (PGS/PGA) Exercise will be open for applications from 1 November 2012. We are inviting applications from Education Officers (EOs) and graduates who wish to contribute to the development of education in Singapore. These scholarships and awards are tenable for studies overseas or locally, by coursework or research, in one of the following areas:
(A) Teaching areas 
(Content / Curriculum & Assessment)
(In alphabetical order)
English Language and Literature
Social Studies
Mother Tongue Language
Chinese Language
Malay Language
Tamil Language
Physical Education
General Science
(B) Non-Teaching / Specialised areas
(i) Educational Psychology & Guidance
Educational Psychology
Guidance & Counselling
(ii) Educational Research & Measurement
Research / Assessment and Evaluation
(iii) Special Areas
Character Development
Civics and Moral / Values Education
Early Childhood
Gifted Education
Learning Sciences and Educational Technology
Special Education
(iv) Public Administration
General Management
Policy and Leadership
(v) Other Areas
General Curriculum and Teaching
With effect from Yr 2013/2014 onwards, the annual MOE Postgraduate Scholarship (PGS) Exercise would be repositioned as the MOE Postgraduate Scholarship/Award (PGS/PGA) Exercise.
The aim of the MOE PGS is to provide professional development in postgraduate studies to outstanding graduates in order to contribute to the Ministry and the Education Service. These scholarships are open to all EOs in the 3 career tracks: Leadership, Senior Specialist and Teaching Tracks, subject to eligibility criteria.
To provide more postgraduate sponsorship opportunities for EOs, MOE has introduced the Postgraduate Award (PGA). This new sponsorship scheme, tenable for full-time local Masters studies, is open to all EOs, subject to eligibility criteria.
To be eligible for the PGS/PGA, the applicant must: 
Be a Singapore Citizen or a Permanent Resident (PR) with intention to take up a Singapore Citizenship (PRs who are awarded a PGS or PGA are required to convert to Singapore Citizens before embarking on their studies);
Have a good degree;
Have at least 3 years of trained working experience in education or a relevant field; and
Have demonstrated very good work performance and conduct.
Note: Satisfying these conditions does not automatically qualify applicants for the scholarship or award. 
There are no separate application and selection processes for the PGS and PGA. Interested applicants are required to fill up only one application form and need not indicate a preference for either the PGS or PGA. All applicants will undergo the same selection process and shortlisted applicants are required to attend an interview where they will be assessed by a panel comprising the MOE senior management on their suitability for award of either the PGS or the PGA.
The sponsorship terms and conditions of the PGS and PGA are outlined in the table below.
Terms PGS PGA <new>
Postgraduate Studies
Full-time local or overseas Masters (one year)
Full-time local or overseas PhD (three years)
Part-time studies are awarded on a case-by-case basis
Full-time local Masters only
(one year)
Financial Support
Full salary (for serving Education Officers only)
Tuition and other approved fees
Book allowance
Maintenance allowance (for overseas studies only)
Return economy air passage for scholar and his/her spouse, where applicable
Half salary (for serving Education Officers only)
Tuition and other approved fees
Book allowance
3 years (full-time local or overseas Master)
6 years (full-time local or overseas PhD)
The bond period for part-time courses is set at 50% of that for full time courses.
2 years
*Note: If a PGS/PGA awardee is already under a government bond, he will be required to serve out the existing bond and then the new bond consecutively.
PGS awardees teaching in schools will be required to serve a short stint of 4-8 months in MOE HQ prior to the commencement of their studies. The pre-course HQ stint is meant to provide exposure to HQ-level work and recent education policy developments. However, Principals, Vice-Principals, Lead Teachers and Senior Teachers will remain in schools until they leave for their studies.
Deployment of PGS awardees after the completion of their postgraduate studies is centrally managed by HR Group and will be dependent on organisation needs at that point in time and the track that the officer is on. Generally, officers will be posted to a Division in MOE HQ, where they could apply and contribute in areas of work what they have learnt from their postgraduate studies. The HQ posting will be for a period of at least 2 years. Officers who have served a HQ stint of least 2 years prior to departing for their studies may be considered for deployment back to schools after their studies. For officers on the specialist track, they will be deployed back to their respective HQ Divisions. 
PGA Awardees
As one of the key objectives of the PGA is to build capabilities in schools, PGA awardees from schools will be deployed back to schools after their studies and are not required to serve a pre-course HQ stint. If there is a mutual agreement, Principals of PGA awardees may request for them to be posted back to their schools upon completion of their studies. The schools are required to hold the vacancies for them during the duration of their studies. If officers are posted back to the previous schools they were serving in, it will be considered as a new posting. This means that officers are required to contribute to the school for at least 3 years before they can be considered for a new posting.
For PGA awardees who are serving a stint in HQ prior to leaving for studies, they will be posted back to HQ if they are on the specialist track. Otherwise, they will be posted back to schools.
Interested applicants are strongly encouraged to attend one of two briefings to be conducted on 14 November 2012, at 2:30pm and 21 December 2012, at 2:30pm. The briefings will provide more information on the application requirements and the selection interviews for the PGS/PGA. The briefings will be conducted at:
Academy of Singapore Teachers
Auditorium, Blk F
2 Malan Road
Singapore 109433
All applicants are expected to conduct their own checks on the postgraduate course that they wish to pursue. They should check whether the courses that they wish to apply for are offered in the intended year of study, for example, the number of intakes for the course and whether it is offered on a part-time or full-time basis.
Applicants are also strongly encouraged to research the quality of the postgraduate courses they wish to apply for, as well as the standing and reputation of the universities or institutions offering these courses. For example, they can refer to internationally established university rankings such as the QS World University Rankings or US News Education Graduate Schools1. Applicants are not restricted only to the universities found on these ranking lists and may consider others as well.
As there are no separate application/selection processes for the PGS and PGA, all applicants are required to fill up only one application form and indicate at least one local course. This is a new requirement that all applicants need to adhere to with effect from the 2013/2014 MOE PGS/PGA Exercise onwards. Applicants are not required to indicate a preference for either the PGS or PGA in the application form.
All applicants will be notified of the outcome of their applications by June 2013 and are required to apply for university admission on their own thereafter. 
Application Guidelines
Serving Education Officers should apply for the PGS/PGA via HRMS by 31 December 2012. The step-by-step application guide can be found in HR Online:
http://intranet.moe.gov.sg/hr_online/_doc/HRMS/HRMSUserGuides/How_to_apply_for_PDP_PDL(EO).pdf (Please refer to pages 3 – 6 and 26 – 35)
For serving Education Officers who cleared the preliminary shortlisting, they will be notified to submit the following documents:
a. Course Details/ Prospectus;
b. Copies of your newly acquired (i.e. not captured in HRMS) education transcripts as well as any degree scrolls and certificates awarded for professional courses taken, if any; and
c. Endorsement by your Director/ Principal (via HRMS).
All hardcopy applications for users without HRMS access must be submitted by 31 December 2012 to: Talent Management Unit HR Strategy and Leadership Division Ministry of Education 1 North Buona Vista Drive (8th level) Singapore 138675 Note: Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.
The Ministry reserves the right to nominate PGS awardees for scholarships offered by external organisations, such as:
a. British Chevening Scholarship
b. Commonwealth Scholarship
c. Lee Kuan Yew Scholarship
d. Singapore-China Premier Scholarship
If nominated for any of the above external scholarships, the PGS awardees will be required to undergo the necessary application and selection processes as set out by these external organisations. If awarded, these external scholarships will run concurrently with the MOE PGS. Details of these external scholarships can be found in Annex B.
A list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the PGS/PGA can be found at Annex C.
The slides used for the MOE Postgraduate Scholarship 2013/14 briefing 
Originators: Academy of Singapore Teachers
HR Strategy and Leadership Division

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