MDIS - Student Testimonials

Tang Thanh Tuan
BSC in International Tourism and Hospitality Management graduate University of Sunderland

"I was looking to further my studies when MDIS was recommended to me a year ago by a Singaporean friend of mine and subsequently I was impressed after attending a seminar in Vietnam by Dr Eric Kuan. MDIS won me over not only for its acclaim among local and international students but also for the suitability of the course, the internationally recognized degree, the excellent facilities and enjoyable activities held on campus.I gained useful knowledge about the tourism and hospitality industry from the approachable and knowledgeable lecturers and valuable practical experience from training sessions at the Tropical Breeze, the School of Tourism and Hospitality’s training centre. I also enjoyed helpful talks and workshops organized by the MDIS Membership Department."

MDIS provides well recognized courses, seminars and opportunities for those people willing to build up their professional career through academic programmes in areas such as Information Technology, Engineering, Business and Management, Life Science, Psychology, Mass Communications, Hospitality and Tourism. They offer programmes in collaboration with universities in Australia, France, UK and US. Its current student enrollment is around 13,000 and 5,000 are international students from 74 countries.

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