Summer Holidays Tour brings you to travel around

Learn while you tour, Singapore’s short-term English courses Online Application

Summer holidays tour takes you to travel ---go, go, go, go to Singapore, the real learn while you travel!

Both the climate and the environment in Singapore is a must-go-to place. Summer has come, China's college entrance examination is over, all of the burdens can be put down, relax a bit. Come and experience a Singapore camp, let you and your children experience an exotic country, open their hearts, cross the national borders, learn from other countries' cultures and customs, bond the kinships through games. Are you ready for it now? What are you waiting for? Take actions now, Singapore study tours let you enjoy it personally and get to reminisce about it, it is better to see it for yourself than to just hear it. Letting you experience a variety of national integration such as Malaysia, Arab, India and the United Kingdom's cultural and religious societies, that does not lose the characteristics of its tradition and Western culture!

Tour + Learn, a whole new experience

This reasonable combination of an education journey and summer travel is more suitable for your child

Because it is special, explains why it is so mysterious. Singapore attaches great importance to elite education, a system similar to the British. Singapore has not just a comfortable climate and a pleasant, shady environment, it is better known for its securitized political stability and internationalization of the markets in the financial centre, cultural diversity, and also the bilingual education system that is a great example for other countries. The Chinese likes to gather in Singapore, how would a country like Singapore where it is suitable for the Chinese to learn, work and do business travel be like? Do you want to let the children to go and see the situation in Singapore? Then there is a kind of travel that can combine tour and education reasonably, allowing you to enjoy the scenery and at the same time, lifetime knowledge. Living in an English environment for a short period of time, it would unconsciously improve the English skills of you and your child, so you and your family can be entertained with the travelling and learning. This allows you to have a more comprehensive understanding of the latest information on Singapore's education, investment and cultural aspects, in order to make your travel an even more beneficial one, have a better understanding towards the Singapore’s education, then do you want to get to experience the following opportunities?

Opportunity One: Visit Singapore schools such as primary and secondary schools, and join the classroom experience exchange, truly experience a comprehensive Singapore-style education, making friends with the young students, get to feel a local English classroom, able to sit in the same classroom as the Singapore students, communicate and learn together, able to get a very good English language training, and experience a truly bilingual education;

Opportunity Two: A short-term study abroad experience, to measure if they are able to adapt to a new life and avoid going abroad blindly;

Opportunity Three: Direct access to first-hand financial investment information, detailed explanation by prominent local investment enterprises, field trips, reducing the investment information intermediaries, saving time and effort, which is more direct, more effective;

Opportunity Four: Interesting games that bond the kinship, in-depth understanding of Singapore, narrowing the distance and close family-ties;

Opportunity Five: Singapore helps you spend a beautiful holiday with its enchanting scenery;

Opportunity Six: Getting a senior education instructor and how to build a good study habit;

Opportunity Seven: You will learn more about the multicultural composition of Singapore when you fly here. Such as the United Kingdom colonial style: Parliament House, Supreme Court, Municipal Hall, Victoria Concert Theatre, the oldest suspension bridge Cavenagh Bridge, Raffles Hotel, St Andrew's Cathedral;

Opportunity Eight: Singapore Style - Merlion Park, The Performing Arts Center Theatre etc;

Opportunity Nine: Understanding of localities such as Chinatown, besides understanding the history of Chinese immigrants, one gets to experience the Nanyang style buildings, taste the tempting traditional snacks, hotel catering and so on. Parents and students have the opportunity to dine with the Government scholarship winners from China, and discuss learning experiences after dinner;

Opportunity Ten: Details of the education system, outline of the primary and secondary schools’ learning subjects at all levels, educational differences in China and Singapore, Singapore education orientation, students ' English proficiency test;

Opportunity Eleven: Visit the exotic Little India - tattoos, teh tarik, Indian temple, Arab Street, style of Middle East (Baghdad), scattered shops selling textiles, bamboo and rattan products. Singapore's most diverse national culture village in Kampong Glam and Little India's most colorful and ethnic culture village, have a long history and architectures that have cultural attractions such as mosque, Indian temples, unique shops. One can enjoy delicious food and fully experience Singapore's multicultural! The exotic experience will make it a different learning journey;

Opportunity Twelve: Parents have the opportunity to communicate with school teachers, who will explain how to stimulate the students’ learning motivation in today's era, and allow them to develop good study habits from an early age;

Opportunity Thirteen: Walk into the Singapore community, experience the new kinds of food, clothing and staying, to facilitate themselves in finding a safe and comfortable learning environment for students in future;

Opportunity Fourteen: Tour Singapore River at night, and enjoy the night scenery and also Singapore’s largest night view, Kingfisher Lake (Gardens by the Bay). There, you can not only feel the Singapore landmark urban landscape, but also watch the F1 race route and view the Esplanade;

Opportunity Fifteen: Professional instructors for individual guidance in finding student learning problems, truly experience a comprehensive Singapore education.

Opportunity Sixteen: May participate in the professional investment information company analyzing Singapore's investment environment, real estate trends, financial economy, foreign investment policy seminars;

Opportunity Seventeen: Family activities, unlimited fun and risky ways can promote family relationship, so that you and your children can bond more in sunny Singapore;

Opportunity Eighteen: Experience Singapore's most popular leisure and recreational resort Sentosa. At the Merlion Park, which has no age limit with the crowd, one gets to experience the natural education and outdoor activities, treasure hunt activity would definitely be fun;

Opportunity Nineteen: World’s first place that takes the sea as a stage performance area, Songs of the Sea, in the form of song and music and drama, with pyrotechnic special effects from fireworks, water jet, and laser, bringing the audience into an almost genuine magical world;

Opportunity Twenty: Walk into the Singapore neighbourhood communities, spend and experience a day of a life of a Singaporean, have an in-depth understanding of Singapore’s unique multicultural, will also visit Singapore universities, and give a comprehensive understanding of Singapore life, lay the foundation life for future international students or immigrants;

Opportunity Twenty-one: Singapore is the world’s famous shopping paradise, you can go to Orchard Road or Asia’s premier, Changi Airport;

Opportunity Twenty-two: Tailored English courses to help Chinese students overcome the psychological obstacle of speaking English, correct the pronunciation, learn the correct oral statements, and learning to use, listen, speak, study and write in all ways. By attending the English Conversation Course taught by a professional Singaporean English teacher, allows the students to learn proficient English and correct the communicative method to build the bridges of friendship in any strange environment, helping students to speak "English", break the psychological barrier, and no longer makes the Chinese students troubled with the language;

Opportunity Twenty-three: Hide and seek game in Singapore. The most popular outdoor sports park at the East Coast, is a gathering for a set of various extreme sports such as cycling and skateboarding. During the games, the students will be divided into several groups and require team cooperation. The teams will be given a stipulated time to build their own boats and complete projects or tasks at the sea (shallow water), which is useful and entertaining.

Opportunity Twenty-four: How does a foreign cinema look like? Do you want to know? Asia's largest Singapore Universal Studios is the only Hollywood movie theme park. Thrilling roller coaster ride, famous cartoon movies as the background of a magic world, would dazzle you and your children. By personally experiencing, you can enjoy the wonders of life on the big screen, such as the Jurassic Park adventure, Mummies revenge, Transformers and a series of famous movies;

Opportunity Twenty-fife: Beach bonfire, enjoy the infinite beauty at sunset through the pristine environment, camping and barbecuing and so on, let us go back to the good "childhood days " and the nature of the wild landscape