It was our pleasure to host Mr Steven Wong who is Marketing Manager for Eynesbury College, on 17th October 2013. This was his maiden visit to our company. Upon his arrival, Mr Steven was given a brief introduction of the company's growth, developments and strategy for the last quarter of 2013. He was pleasantly surprised by the significant developments within such as a span of time and was truly impressed with the tremendous growth and milestones that Ei Holdings had achieved over the years.

In the course of discussion, Mr Steven expressed his interest to visit our China office at the later part of this year. He foresees that 2014 will see a huge increase of China students studying in Australia as the visa and employment policies had gradually changed over the years. It is now easier, affordable and attractive to study in Australia.

During his dialogue with students, he briefed about the advantages and the academic progression path if they study in Eynesbury. Mr Steven Wong also shared with the students on future plans of Eynesbury. In particular, the system in place to help new international students to assimilate to the new environment and excel in their sports and academic talents.

We appreciate and value Mr Steven Wong's visit and look forward to welcoming him to our China office. At the end of his visit to our company, Mr Wong commented the following: " You had done a great work and have many promising projects ahead. I wish you guys all the best "

Summary of Eynesbury College Programs

  Eynesbury Senior College

Year 10 Year 11 Year 12

  Eynesbury with The University of Adelaide

Foundation Studies Program - Certificate IV in Business - Certificate IV in Information Technology - Certificate IV in Engineering - Diploma of Business - Diploma of Information Technology - Diploma of Engineering

 Eynesbury with The University of South Australia

Foundation Studies Program - Certificate IV in Business - Certificate IV in Information Technology - Diploma of Business - Diploma of Information Technology

Founded in 1989, Eynesbury incorporates Eynesbury College, Eynesbury College Academy of English and the Eynesbury Institute of Business and Technology. Together they offer a range of programs and educational pathways to University of Adelaide and University of South Australia.

Why Eynesbury (University of Adelaide)

* Eynesbury provides a diverse range of higher education pathways that successfully prepares students for studies at the university of University of Adelaide or University of South Australia.
* Eynesbury offers state-of-art facilities, approachable teachers and a personalised teaching style.
* A very high percentage of Eynesbury students successfully enter all of the South Australia universities and have a proven track record of entering many interstate and international universities to pursue their chosen degrees.
* Fast track diploma program (8 months) for international students. Students are able to completion of a degree course in 3 years.
* Students can apply for credit exemption . However credit exemption is allowed to a maximum of 50% of the total Credit Points.
* Adelaide is Australia's most affordable mainland capital city.
* Small class size and supportive learning environment which focus on individual student needs.
* Full facilities boarding house for students.

Why study University of Adelaide after Eynesbury

* The University of Adelaide is consistently ranked among the world's top 1% of universities.
* The University of Adelaide is one of the oldest and most prestigious tertiary offerings over 130 years of excellence.
* Associated with 5 Nobel Prize Winners.
* Produced 104 Fulbright Scholars and 104 Rhodes Scholars.
* The University of Adelaide has been awarded international accreditation for its Business programs from one of the most respected accrediting bodies, the Association to Advances Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).
* 5 Stars for staff-student ratio, research grants, research intensiveness, and student demand.

Why study University of South Australia after Eynesbury

* The University of South Australia is in top three percent of universities in the world.
* The University of South Australia is the largest university in South Australia.
* UniSa was only the second Australian business school to receive European Quality Improvement System (EQUIS) accreditation, the most prestigious international accreditation for business schools.