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Academies Australasia College

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Feature of Institution:Private    Established In:1992
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Academies Australasia College (AAC) is part of Academies Australasia Group of Colleges. Our group has been operating for more than 103 years, and is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.

In Singapore AAC has had almost 20 years of experience in educating local and foreign students. 95% of our students are international students. We have had students from 20 different countries including China, Myanmar, Vietnam, India and Indonesia.

Our founder, Dr Ng Kim Soon, came to Singapore at a young age as a foreign student. AAC was started with the simple purpose of providing education so that students could take their first step towards employability and lifelong learning, regardless of race or language barriers.

The majority of our courses are developed in Sydney, and as such, they comply with the standards and requirements that apply to identically-named courses conducted by the Academies Australasia group of colleges in Australia.

Our campus is a 6-storey building housing 16 lecture/tutorial rooms, an auditorium, a student library and self-study and rest areas. We are next to the National Library which boasts Asia's largest source of academic resources. Being in the heart of the city, we are also in the midst of eating and shopping facilities. Our teacher-student ratio for classes is 1:25 for Foundation courses and 1:40 for Tertiary lectures and 1:25 for Tertiary tutorials.

Your confidence in us can further be assured by our attainment of the SQC-PEO & Edutrust Certification. We look forward to welcoming you as a student in the near future.

The Colleges

There are 9 colleges, each a separate company with its own licence to operate as an education institution - Academies Australasia College in Singapore and 8 colleges in Australia:

Academy of English (ELICOS) [Including Academy of English (Blue Mountains) and Academy of English (Barton)]
Academies Australasia Institute (Vocational)
Australian International High School (Senior High School)
AMI Education (ELICOS, Vocational and Higher Education)
Australian College of Technology (Vocational)
Benchmark College (Vocational)
Clarendon Business College (Vocational) [Including Clarendon Business College (Barton)]
Supreme Business College (Vocational)
Academies Australasia has two campuses in the heart of Sydney, New South Wales, just a few minutes’ walk from each other. We also operate in Leura in the Blue Mountains, Campbelltown, Liverpool, Penrith and Tuggerah (New South Wales), in Barton (Australian Capital Territory) and in Melbourne (Victoria).

AMI Education in Melbourne offers ELICOS and vocational courses and a range of Bachelor and Master programmes – its own Bachelor Degree of Tourism and Hospitality Management, as well as a suite of University of Ballarat Bachelor and Master Degrees.

Academies Australasia is in partnership with St. Aloysius College and English Language School of Australia in Adelaide, South Australia. It is also looking at expanding further in Australia and internationally.

In Singapore, Academies Australasia College is in Middle Road, in the education precinct. Singapore is growing rapidly as a destination for international students. Operating in Singapore, gives international students the chance to study Academies Australasia programmes without having to come to Australia. Students continuing their studies in Australia will be eligible for credits for what they have successfully completed at Academies Australasia College.

Benchmark College achieved the prestigious NSW Small Training Provider of the Year Award in 2009.

Hotline China:0086-4007160816 Hotline Singapore:0065-67379958
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