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University Of Western Australia

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  University of Western Australia in Perth, the capital of Western Australia, was established in 1911. The University is the best university in Australia, is one of Australia's Group of Eight universities in research higher density, while being 2006's [Good University Guide] described as "Australia has more than any one university younger, more bright future students "in a university. UWA encourage international students to come to school. It has students from more than 80 countries, resources, and more enriched its original first-class learning environment. University of Western Australia's core philosophy is the pursuit of excellence, to meet international standards, therefore, the university put a lot of effort to improve their quality of teaching in order to cultivate more excellent students. Full-time employment rate of its graduates not only among the best universities in Australia, Western Australia is also higher than other universities. In addition to excellent teaching quality and high employment rates, the strength of the university faculties can not be ignored.

  Select UWA, students can not only internationally recognized qualifications, students can adapt to the changing global environment. UWA research and education with emphasis on features, is Western Australia's only been included in the "eight key prestigious" university. University of Western Australia, and government departments and enterprises have a strong cooperative relationship between, for example: Motorola, ALCOA (Aluminum Company of America), BHP and Chevron, etc. UWA graduates every year there are more than 250 doctoral students, graduates obtain full-time work has always been stronger than all other universities in Western Australia, the University of statistics in the whole of Australia is also ranked in the forefront.

  University of Western Australia is a notable feature is the emphasis on research and research training. The university is one of Australia's leading research universities, is one of Western Australia's most important research institutions. The University of A $ 115,000,000 annually obtain external research income, and spent a year for research projects and more than 166 million Australian dollars. UWA has high-quality teachers, their staff levels at home and abroad with Australian rival any one institution of higher education. One-third of the university's faculty have overseas qualifications, including a doctorate of employees accounted for a very high proportion. It is worth noting that there are a number of teachers in the university won the Australian Crick Teaching Award.

  School Location

  Picturesque campus of the University of Western Australia, from Perth city center is only 5 minutes away. In such an environment where learning, international students can experience the multi-national cultures, make friends all countries, which the students are the future of learning and life has a great benefit. Perth's population has more than 100 million people, both the bustling metropolis and small cities safe, clean, friendly character. Perth is Australia's cities in the world price index lower, with a mild Mediterranean climate with warm summers and dry, mild winters. UWA campus is located in the Swan river, great environment, away from the main transport network is also very close, just 5 km from the city. Shopping center, the beach and the famous Fremantle Harbour is nearby and convenient transportation. The school was recognized as one of Australia's most beautiful campus, the school building dominated by Mediterranean blend of meticulously designed gardens, there are close to Kings Park and the Swan River, is playing yachting, surfing and other water sports center. Campus regularly organizes various cultural events, including the annual February / March between the Perth Festival, the school will have a variety of indoor and outdoor activities, such as theater, film, dance and so on. In addition, concerts, theater events and art exhibitions from time to time held in the campus.

  Advantage Professional

  UWA Business, Medical University Rankings prominent in Australia. Other professionals in the entire region of Western Australia are basically ranked first. Business Studies University of Western Australia and throughout the Asia Pacific region one of the best Business Studies; and the University of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences not only has a strong scientific research strength, but also in its graduates and faculty there is also the birth Many world-class experts, such as Nobel Prize winner Professor Barry Marshall is a graduate institute.

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