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The University of Queensland

The University of Queensland

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Feature of Institution:Public    Established In:1910
Home Country:Australia

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  The University of Queensland is Queensland's oldest universities, training a large number of graduates, they take on a leadership role all walks of life. The University of Queensland is Australia's Group of Eight members, but also short-listed 21-century University Alliance (Universities 21) is one of three Australian universities. The University of Queensland's existing commitment to teaching and research faculty totaling 2,200 people, many of them recognized the world elite in various fields. University of Queensland research staff Education Award winning Australian universities (AAUT) number of awards is the largest of all Australian universities, which have proved the ability of the University of Queensland faculty. Carrick Teaching Excellence Award is in recognition of outstanding teaching and research staff of the University awards the University of Queensland academic staff all winners. Award in 2007, once again atop consolidate the University of Queensland has the most award-winning status of teachers.

  University of Queensland graduate employment rates and starting salaries are higher. Queensland University of Queensland has the largest library, opening times longer than other libraries. Configuration inside the more than 1,100 computers for student use, and offers many learning support software. The University of Queensland is one of Australia's top research universities, to promote industrial cooperation, attracting research funding. University of Queensland researchers continue to innovate in the field of research in the field of world-class research breakthrough has been made. Where remarkable success stories including cervical cancer vaccine, researchers from the University of Queensland and the 2006 Person of the Year Professor Lan Frazer made jointly developed. In addition, the University of Queensland Queensland also has 130 research centers, teaching and research center.

  The University of Queensland has world-class facilities to provide students with excellent service, students from the academic excellence and supporting services benefited (including: free academic preparation courses and accommodation, international student counselors, pick-up and shelter services), Books museum facilities, convenient Internet access, IT facilities. Students can participate in all campus activities, including tennis, swimming, sports and gymnastics. Each campus also launched a series of cultural activities, the district has a concert hall, museums, art galleries, theaters, dance room, debating chamber, BBQ room, more than 130 student clubs, where students can fully enjoy campus life.

  School Location

  UQ's main campus is located in Shengluxiya Brisbane, Queensland. Brisbane generally been considered a "Australia's most liveable city" where residents and visitors to provide a safe, multicultural and friendly living environment. Has more than 160 million people, Brisbane has a cosmopolitan atmosphere and world-class modern facilities, such as the world-class international airport, cultural centers, convention centers, museums and art galleries and more. In addition to the Gold Coast of Australia's most famous and daylight Coast. Queensland there are a lot of interesting natural attractions, like to explore nature's students will be able to appreciate a wonderful, unique experience.

  Advantage Professional

  Biology, engineering, chemistry, business studies and linguistics are the advantages of the University of Queensland professional. In Queensland, the university offered only undergraduate courses most species, is the only open space engineering, food technology and agricultural science universities.

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TOEFL:Paper based test - a score of 577 or more including a score of 4.5 in the Test of Written English.Internet based test - a score of 79 

IELTS:an overall band score of 6.5 or more in the Academic International English Language Testing System (IELTS), with no bands less than 6.0.

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