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University Of South Australia

University Of South Australia

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Feature of Institution:Public    Established In:1991年
Home Country:Australia

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  University of South Australia is Australia's largest university is one of the largest Australian universities overseas students is the largest university in South Australia. University of South Australia was established in 1991 by the South Australian Institute of Technology and Higher Education in South Australia merger, 150 years of professional education in history. Since its inception, UniSA comprehensive research university ranking rapidly among countries, and is widely recognized that a host of innovative teaching and a vibrant modern international institution of higher. UniSA existing student about 34,000 each year there are many students from around the world come to school to learn, about 4,800 from other 90 countries students. Here, you have the opportunity to meet students from around Australia and the world, and to work with them and learn.

  University of South Australia, Faculty of Commerce, Education, Arts and Social Sciences Faculty of Health Sciences and the Faculty of Information Technology, Engineering and Environmental Studies; Education, Arts and Social Sciences Faculty, including eight perfect, enjoys a good reputation colleges: College of Communication, Education, Institute of International Relations, Louis Laybounre Smith Architectural Design Institute, School of Psychology, Social Work and Social Policy Institute, College of Art and Unaipon College of South Australia. Health Sciences Division consists of three comprehensive colleges: College of Health Sciences, College of Nursing and Midwifery, Pharmacy and Medical Sciences; Information Technology, Engineering and Environmental Studies with considerable strength with five colleges: College of Advanced Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering , Computer and Information Science, Electrical and Information Engineering, Institute of Mathematics and Statistics Institute as well as natural and artificial environments.

  Researchers at the University of South Australia meaningful, its research centers and partners to maintain productive relations and conduct industry-related research. Class students in their study, 32% are international students, the percentage ranked second in Australia. University of South Australia has always been to win government and the private sector to provide the huge research funding. In 2005, University of South Australia Professor Emeritus John Ralston won the Australian Minerals Science Research Institute to provide the maximum amount the Australian Research Council linked funding. 2008 University of South Australia on student learning for its outstanding contribution to the Australian Education Council awarded eight compliment various universities in Australia ranked third.

  School Location

  University of South Australia in Adelaide has four campuses: City West Campus, City East Campus, Magill Campus and Mawson Lakes campuses; addition Whyalla Mount Gambier regional centers and campuses. Campuses offer a range of modern facilities and services.

  Adelaide is the capital of South Australia, Australia, located in the east coast of mainland Australia's southern Gulf St Vincent, across the Torrens River, Nantong Indian Ocean, Great Australian Bight, the main commercial and industrial city and port, known as the Church of the city, in the southern hemisphere Athens . Population of one million or so, focused on the 72% of the state's population, behind Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, is the country's fourth largest city. Damming the river into the lake near the city center, the two sides abundant greens for government agencies, universities, museums, art galleries, sports and Botanical Garden lies. Adelaide is the only immigrants plus the capital city, in Adelaide enrolled students can get extra immigration points.

  Advantage Professional

  Business School, University of South Australia is Australia's second received the European Quality Improvement System Certification System (EQUIS) international accredited business school. Only 115 universities around the world to receive this certification, in Australia at present only eight universities through this certification. So UniSA commercial courses is very competitive and very famous in Australia.

  UniSA MBA program is the best MBA program in South Australia. Master of Business Administration University of South Australia (MBA) program was named Australia's domestic one of the best ten MBA program, and was 2009 Good Universities Guide rating of five stars. UniSA MBA program flexibility and practicality. Student-centered, students become an excellent professional managers, so that they become successful business leaders and community leaders; project combines evening courses, intensive courses, online courses and study abroad and other teaching methods to enable students to complete the MBA program at the same time, you can also take into account their work and personal lives.

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IELTS:an overall band score of 6.5 or more in the Academic International English Language Testing System (IELTS), with no bands less than 6.0.

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