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Singapore Polytechnic (SP)

Singapore Polytechnic (SP)

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Feature of Institution:Public    Established In:1954 Year
Home Country:Singapore
Geographical Location:near Dover

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Singapore Polytechnic, the nation's first educational institution of its kind, was set up in 1954 to train technologists and professionals to support the industrialisation and economic development of Singapore. Since then, its development has paralleled the progress of modern Singapore.

The SP Story
 People are Singapore's most valuable resource. Singapore Polytechnic has played an important role in preparing Singapore workforce from the early days of Singapore's independence.

Looking back, one would marvel at the Polytechnic's early advocators who had the foresight to underscore the importance of polytechnic education in the country's progress. Most impressive of all is that polytechnic education has stayed relevant to development of Singapore through its generations of staff and students.

In many ways, Singapore Polytechnic's development parallels that of Singapore's. Thus its name, practical and functional at the time of inception, has been most appropriately selected for the icon of technical training in this part of the world.

Over the years, it has transformed from being a pacesetter to a trendsetter and from making history to defining the future.

As Singapore's first polytechnic, it has an intriguing history filled with successes, achievements as well as anxieties and crises.  

 The Singapore Polytechnic maintains robust, relevant and innovative curricula that meet students and industry stakeholder requirements and expectations: It designs and develops new course offerings, regularly updates the curricula of existing courses and phases out courses that are losing relevance to the Singapore industry.

To ensure a robust curriculum, each full-time diploma course is structured to include not only course-specific modules but also general elective modules and institutional modules such as Character Development, Critical Reasoning Skills, IDEA and the ITP/Internship Programme.

Each school is supported by an advisory committee, which advises the school on trends, developments and the needs of the industry as well as on appropriate changes to the curriculum.

Each school in turn is also supported by the Educational and Staff Development Department, which helps schools to implement educational initiatives and also to enhance the professional development of all staff.

Responsive and innovative teaching processes that recognise a diversity of learning needs and styles are also put in place at Singapore Polytechnic to meet the changing needs of students.

 strategies include:

The development of a flexible learning system that takes into consideration students' academic abilities.
Provision and use of e-learning systems to enhance students' experience with IT
Empowering staff through training and development in interactive learning technologies
Encouraging staff to use different innovative methods and creative approaches of instruction
Engaging staff in meaningful professional development through workshops and learning journeys through the Magellan experience
Re-designing and monitoring courses/modules delivery, assessment and infusing generic competences appropriate to the learning needs and outcomes of students
To achieve  corporate goals of excellence in teaching, SP ensures that:

There are adequate physical resources and infrastructural support such as media rooms, training rooms and also a Centre for Interactive and Learning Technologies.
Our training and development system is comprehensive and supports our business needs.
Administrative structures, systems and processes are aligned to and support teaching excellence

Careers with SP
Singapore Polytechnic is a pioneer. Not only is it a forerunner in polytechnic education, it has also established its reputation in producing graduates who are making their mark in their further studies, in industry and in the corporate world.

Our staff are dynamic, caring and innovative. As a result of their passion for learning and experimentation, they have helped students to develop and market products such as chocolates, drinks, noodles and even perfume. 


high enough for a college of the second rank, while achieving English: 60% Mathematics: 60% of a related subject, 60% (Science / Arts) in two subjects: 60% (such as the NCEE have four subjects, only 1 subject)
English requirements:
i) the IELTS 6,
ii) the TOEFL paper-based: 547 or CBT: 210 or iBT: 78 
Hotline China:0086-4007160816 Hotline Singapore:0065-67379958
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