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Singapore International Management Academy (SIMA)

Singapore International Management Academy (SIMA)

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Feature of Institution:Private    Established In:2000 year
Home Country:Singapore
Geographical Location:Henderson Crescent

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Set up in 2000 by Professor Yeong Wee Yong, an academic with an illustrious career, SIMA enjoys the privilege of a total alignment between cutting-edge academic thought and effective school management. This is in part due to Professor Yeong’s expertise and experience. He is a specialist in the field of management with over 30 years’ experience both as an academic professional and a management practitioner.

The SIMA campus is in Singapore but SIMA primary goal is to assimilate ground-breaking management philosophies from the world over and impart this to SIMA broad mix of cosmopolitan participants. Most of all, SIMA aim is to be a lifelong learning hub where global knowledge seekers congregate to learn and share.

Staffed by a dedicated team of lecturers and management professionals, our school has a strong impetus to raise the level of competitiveness among SIMA participants to thrive in the new knowledge economy. Unified by this common passion, the team at SIMA has successfully delivered MBA, EMBA, and Bachelor of Business programmes and over two hundred short-term training courses between 2001 and 2010. SIMA impressive track record has resulted in us having 10,000 alumni spread across Asia, notably in Singapore, China, Taiwan and Malaysia, in various managerial positions.

“To be a management institute of choice in Singapore, South-East Asia and China.”


“To become a one-stop service hub that provides high value-added management education and training programmes in Mandarin to help the Chinese-speaking corporate and individual clients in the region to improve their competitiveness in the new knowledge economy.”

SIMA believes that an organization in striving to achieve its corporate goals, it must be guided by certain core values. These values serve as guiding principles when the organization faces situations where decisions or choices need be made or priority need to be set.

Campus and Facilities

SGP International Management Academy (SIMA) campus is located in Henderson Crescent and provides a conducive environment for holistic learning.

List of facilities:

1.Lecture Rooms/ Tutorial Rooms – 10 units

2.Theatreatte – 1 unit

3.Resource Centre

4.Computer Room


MBA: Bachelor degree, IELTS 6 
Hotline China:0086-4007160816 Hotline Singapore:0065-67379958
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