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Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University

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  Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology is one of Australia where the leading institution of higher learning, training a large number of high-ability graduates. The university is a large, good at innovation, prestigious universities, with a high international reputation. It maintained frequent with outside academic and cultural exchanges, to create employment opportunities for students also has an excellent record. RMIT has three Faculties: Faculty of Commerce; design and Social Studies; science, Faculty of Engineering and Technology. Where the Business and Management Faculty of Commerce courses in Australia and Southeast Asia are in a leading position. RMIT University has 27 colleges, opened more than 180 undergraduate programs and 360 graduate programs more doors, where more than 470 courses to international students. In addition, the University also has seven research centers, nine cooperative research centers, involving many fields of study.

  Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology faculty in teaching, research areas have been widely recognized. Mainly in: International Conference faculty are often invited to see and commercial activities, as principal spokesman, or invite the media and industry groups, expert advice and explain to comment. Many teachers also won because of their contribution to teaching professional associations or community grant awards.

  The main campus RMIT City campus is located in the state capital of Victoria, Melbourne's city center, convenient transportation into the city. There are five campuses: City Campus, Bundoora Campus, Brunswick campus, Point Cook campus, Hamilton campus. Over 90% of students at City (Melbourne CBD) campuses. RMIT four-year undergraduate curriculum Commerce Major: Accounting, business information systems, economics and finance, international business, marketing, logistics and supply chain management. The first three years of relevant professional internship years, in addition to salary and work experience obtained outside of the annual pay only 1/4 of tuition fees.

  School Location

  University of Melbourne in Australia cultural center in the heart of Melbourne. Melbourne is the capital city of Victoria is Australia's second largest city has a population of 4,000,000. While out of the port of Melbourne is Australia's leading one of the many local and international companies are stationed here. The University's main campus is located in Parkville, in the famous Carlton suburbs, covering 22.5 hectares from the city center is only 15 minutes walk.

  Advantage Professional

  RMIT top professional: design, aerospace, automotive, environment and infrastructure construction, garment and textile, education, IT, media, health and community services, engineering and technology, logistics, commercial information technology.

Australian Year 12

Trinity College Foundation Studies

GCE 'A' Levels

International Baccalaureate

TOEFL:Paper based test - a score of 577 or more including a score of 4.5 in the Test of Written English.Internet based test - a score of 79 

IELTS:an overall band score of 6.5 or more in the Academic International English Language Testing System (IELTS), with no bands less than 6.0.

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