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Queensland University Of Technology

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  Queensland University of Technology Queensland University of Technology also translated, the creation of excellent undergraduate and postgraduate courses, learning a wide range of research results can be fully used in industry and society. Queensland University of Technology students in a total of more than 40,000 people, including representatives from more than 100 countries, more than 5,000 overseas students. Consists of nine colleges, has Built Environment and Engineering, School of Business, Creative Industries, Education, health, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Information Technology, School of Law and the Faculty of Science, etc., with more than 650 undergraduate and graduate programs. Queensland University of Technology in addition to the newly established Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation, Information Security Institute also has a creative and Research Institute, Institute for the sustainable use of resources and so on.

  Queensland University of Technology and industry focus on the practical application of a combination of teaching, is not only a practical talents for the training and the establishment of the University, or an innovative model for industry-oriented university. Queensland University of Technology graduates in various industries around the world thriving office, working full-time employment rate than any other Australian universities, but also in Australia only provide students with international professional consultants three universities. These international career consultant with national recruitment agencies and employers to coordinate, create employment opportunities for graduates.

  Queensland University of Technology novel unique professional setting can provide students with the perfect combination of theory and practice, the job market to ensure its graduates are welcome; professional design, the adoption of industry, government and the experts' recommendations; with world leading companies such as Shell Boeing, Microsoft and Oracle and others collaborate to enable students to develop proficiency in the latest global trends and international business model. Studied at the Queensland University of Technology students from the university to provide the "virtual community service" benefit that virtual communities have first-class "campus intranet" Online Services, Wi-Fi campus and online instruction and other services. Queensland University of Technology in Australia Research Council funded university research projects in the top ten, also won the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the World Health Organization's Research Foundation.

  Queensland University of Technology and its with business, industry and community reputation for successful cooperation, in order to find innovative ways to solve practical problems encountered in real life. Its application-oriented research in Queensland, in Australia and international companies and organizations to create economic opportunity and improve their business operations. Collaborative research projects in the strength of many projects won the Australian Research Council (ARC) funding.

  School Location

  Queensland University of Technology is located in the capital of Queensland, Brisbane. Brisbane generally been considered a "Australia's most liveable city" where residents and visitors to provide a safe, multicultural and friendly living environment. Has more than 160 million people, Brisbane has a cosmopolitan atmosphere and world-class modern facilities, such as the world-class international airport, cultural centers, convention centers, museums and art galleries and more. In addition to the Gold Coast of Australia's most famous and daylight Coast. Queensland there are a lot of interesting natural attractions, like to explore nature's students will be able to appreciate a wonderful, unique experience.

  Advantage Professional

  Queensland University of Technology, engineering, computer majors more prominent

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