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Monash University

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Feature of Institution:Public    Established In:1961
Home Country:Australia

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  Monash University was established in 1961, is one of Australia's eight schools. According to an authoritative TACS data provided by Monash University in the school prestige, employment opportunities, starting salaries in all aspects of university rankings in Australia are ranked number one. 1994 Monash University was named University of the Year in Australia.

  According to data provided by the authority of the TACS, Monash University School prestige, employment opportunities, starting salaries in all aspects of university rankings in Australia are ranked number one. Monash University consists of 10 colleges, namely: College of Art and Design, Arts, Business and Economics, Education, Engineering, Information Technology, Law, Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences, College of Pharmacy, and Faculty of Science, the creation of a series of undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Which, MBA Business School - Monash Mt Eliza Business School, is a very good business school, offering business administration and management courses. In Australia the top three in the world ranking is also a former 50. Monash's MBA in Australia is very famous for many of its graduates accepted by large companies. Monash University's MBA program in the "Economist" Intelligence Unit ranked personal development, ranking the first place in Australia, second in Asia, the world's sixth place.

  Monash University for students to create a dynamic, challenging learning environment. The university has more than 50,000 students from over 100 countries, with more than 90 kinds of language used, which is the highest percentage of international students enrolled in Australia universities. Multicultural background is very conducive to student learning, providing students with a good learning environment.

  Monash University, School of Engineering facilities reached world-class level, including the Southern Hemisphere's largest rotating tunnel, three-component atom probe, 80 meter wave trough, and the value of $ 1 million supercomputer. Monash University main building of the 95 research centers involved in the 17 cooperative research centers. In addition, the university also with the Global 120 research institutions to establish cooperative relations in many research areas have established an international prestige, especially in the following areas: stem cell research, nanotechnology, reproductive biology, drug development, road safety. As Australia's first university of Medical Research, Monash University, from the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council received a $ 26 million research fund. Monash University Accident Research Centre in its field of research is a world leader, is Australia's largest accident and injury prevention research institutions.

  School Location

  Monash University's six campuses in Melbourne nearby. Melbourne is Australia's second largest city, by the United Nations as the most livable city. Melbourne is the capital city of Victoria is Australia's second largest city has a population of 4,000,000. While out of the port of Melbourne is Australia's leading one of the many local and international companies are stationed here. The University's main campus is located in Parkville, in the famous Carlton suburbs, covering 22.5 hectares from the city center is only 15 minutes walk.

  Advantage Professional

  Monash University faculties have a strong strength: Monash Business and Economics is Australia's largest business schools; Monash Institute is Australia's largest engineering colleges; Monash Law School is one of Australia's most One of the prestigious law school; Monash medicine, nursing and health college is a lot of medicine and biomedical research members of the Association, and its researchers in the field of medical research has many major breakthrough.

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