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Informatics Academy (Informatics )

Informatics Academy (Informatics )

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Feature of Institution:Private    Established In:1983 year
Home Country:Singapore
Geographical Location:The center of Singapore,Middle Road
Number of Teachers and Students:about 10000 numbers of students

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  • Environment of School:4.5
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Established in 1983, Informatics Education Ltd. was founded in response to Asia’s economic growth fostering tremendous demands for skilled Information Technology (IT) manpower and knowledge-based workers to build and sustain the rapid economic development in the region.

Informatics is a Singapore grown MNC with strong dedication to the profession of training and education services.Established in 1983, Informatics Education provides lifelong learning services in the area of Information Technology and Business Management, validated by prestigious universities and academic institutions around the world.Informatics presently has a global network spanning in Asia, Middle East, Africa and other regions.

The Company attributes its growth to the dedication of the staff, who are professionals and have a strong will to excel at work.As one of our core values states, “We empower our people to be professionals demonstrating the highest standards of ethics and integrity”.

As a student of Informatics, students will be given the opportunity to maximise your professional as well as personal developments through the wide range of programmes offered to help you rise to today’s ever growing demands and prepare students for tomorrow’s challenges.Informatics wish students every success in  learning journey with Informatics .

Informatics Academy Pte Ltd (IAPL), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Informatics Education Ltd., operates as a flagship and prominent showcase in Singapore for Informatics group-wide operations. Formerly operating out of Jurong East, the Singapore campus was recently relocated to the bustling downtown Middle Road area of the city.

The new campus in the city also signifies a renewal for the Academy. In addition to building credibility, improving academic excellence, and raising service standards as our competitive advantages, the new campus will reinforce the Group’s DNA positioning tagline, “IT-Plus,” signifying a learning organization centred on teaching and leveraging Information Technology in all aspects of the business.

IAPL’s competitive strategy will focus not only on a revamped physical look and feel, but also in the manner we use technology to reachout to potential and existing students, as well as in the way we teach and administer our programs. To empower smart learners, we will guide our students in acquiring the right learning tools to navigate and access the vast amount of information in today’s knowledge economy. Lifestyle learning will be a key driver in our strategy.

informatic approach to teaching and learning goes beyond rote learning and close-book assessments. Students will use familiar modern day technologies to help them in their acquisition and application of knowledge. Leveraging on technology, webcasting will be made available for some classes so that learning is made available anywhere and at anytime. Regardless of location, a student will be able to log in for a lesson and watch a video of the class streaming ‘live’ on any device. Students who miss lessons that have been webcasted can now download them and catch up at their own pace, place and time.

Plans are also under way to roll out the use of new mobile devices such as iPad tablets for students to store notes and do online research, as well as for lecturers to disseminate learning materials. The revolutionary learning experience in store at this smart campus of the future will seal its position among the forerunning institutions in the region to use technology to enhance the speed and effectiveness of the learning process.


To be a thought leader in providing quality education and training services


To educate and train global citizens to make them effective and competent contributors to society


Core Values
Guiding Informatic along are informatic five key values

Informatic focus on understanding students and putting them first in everything we do.
Informatic empower people to be professionals demonstrating the highest standards of ethics and intergrity.
Informatic manifest creativity and innovation in development, delivery of programmes and services.
Informatic strive to be responsible corporate citizens in every society the Informatic operate
Informatic endeavour to provide sustainable returns to our stakeholders. 

College: need a high school diploma or equivalent
Senior College: college diploma or equivalent
Undergraduate course: Advanced Diploma or equivalent

 Master ( MBA, MBIT ): Bachelor degree or diploma graduates
Graduates: accredited bachelor diploma or equivalent
Non diploma graduates: at least 5 years work experience

Non graduates need to engage and selected courses related to the post, and at least two years management experience.
English language requirements: applicants whose native language is English or in college and senior college semester period all English teaching, can be considered to meet the English language requirements. On the contrary, the need for informatics entrance English examination, to determine their level of English proficiency or provide the following results:Junior College and Senior College: IELTS 5 bachelor degree or above:6 mark of IELTS

Hotline China:0086-4007160816 Hotline Singapore:0065-67379958
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