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Hwa Chong International School (HCIS)

Hwa Chong International School (HCIS)

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Feature of Institution:International Schools    Established In:2005 year
Home Country:Singapore
Geographical Location: Bukit Timah

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Hwa Chong International School (HCIS) is a member of the Hwa Chong family of schools. It began operation in 2005. The school's mission is to develop internationalism, innovation and independence in our students.

As a local international school, at least half of our student population must be made up of local Singaporean students, a requirement from the Ministry of Education (Singapore).  The rest of the student body are international students from over 20 countries.

Within a short span of seven years, the school has produced students who have achieved accolades in academic competitions at both the local and international arena. 

The school currently offers an integrated six-year programme. After four years, the school prepares students for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE). This is followed by another two years leading to the International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB Diploma). 

One of HCIS’ strengths lies in the learning of Mandarin Chinese for students who have little to no knowledge of the language. Since the school’s inception, it has produced one hundred percent passes with almost all achieving A or A* in Mandarin as a foreign language.  This is due in great measure to a flexible curriculum and teaching pedagogy pegged at the learning ability of students.

Students of HCIS undergo a holistic education where academic achievements are emphasised alongside character development. This is achieved through a coordinated programme of co-curricular activities that gives students the opportunities to learn experientially through overseas trips, field activities, sports as well as community services.

As students advance over a six-year integrated programme culminating in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB Diploma), they experience a suite of academic and student development programmes offered by our Lower School (Year 1-2), Upper School (Year 3-4) and Senior School (IB 1-2).
The promotion of students to the next level is based on their performance in continuous assessments, the mid-year and end-of-year examinations. To encourage students to maintain outstanding performance throughout the year, students who have consistently obtained an A Grade are exempted from the end-of-year examination and granted direct promotion. Similarly, Year 4 students who have met the school’s internal promotion criteria are automatically placed into Senior School (IB 1), a track that allows their opting out of the Cambridge IGCSE examinations

HCIS adopts a learner-centric approach where students are given diverse opportunities to take charge of their own learning and development. To make this possible, students are encouraged to participate in various school-based programmes and external events or international competitions. The school’s Talent InnoFest, discussion forums with industry players, overseas expeditions and participation in national and international Model UN Conferences such as THIMUN, are some examples. In all these, multiple learning concepts and methodologies are weaved into the students’ total learning experience -- problem-based learning (PBL), constructivist lesson plans, case studies and experiential activities, to name a few. In this eclectic model, a stimulating and rich schooling experience is the order of the day.

Enrolment is open to local and foreign students throughout the academic year. Registration forms (PDF) can be downloaded here and submitted by email, fax or personally at the school.

Entrance Test
Applicants may be required to take an entrance test on English and Mathematics.  Each assessment is one and a half hour long and will assess applicants based on the content required for the level of admission. 

Hotline China:0086-4007160816 Hotline Singapore:0065-67379958
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