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Kaplan Financial Institute (Finace Learning Centre)

Finace Learning Centre

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Feature of Institution:Private    Established In:1997 year
Home Country:Singapore
Geographical Location:Somerset

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Kaplan Learning  Institution (KLI) is a member  of Kaplan Inc,a leading international provide for individuals,schools and business.
foundationancy of accountancy
preparatiory course For ACCA 
preparatiory course For CAIA
preparatiory course For CFA
Reasearch &Analysis Program (for CFA Level 2 $ 3 )
Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
Corporate Training 
Financial Training 
Workforce Skill Qualification(WSQ)

English: at least 16 years old. No other qualifications

The FIA: 1 of at least 16 years of age no other qualifications and basic accounting. IELTS 4.5 or courses by PALP

ACCA: over the age of 18, IELTS 5.5 or courses by PALP the advanced stage, along with any of the following conditions: (1) Where a college degree or above recognized by the Ministry of Education, you can register a formal student of the ACCA's(2)recognized by the Ministry of Education institutions of higher learning in school, has Courses complete transcripts can register for the ACCA's official student (3)not complying with 1 and 2, Eligibility Applicants can also apply for the FIA ​​/ CAT course. FIA / CAT qualification certificate and be exempted from the examinations of the ACCA F1-F3 three courses, direct access to skills courses 

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