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ERC Institute (ERCI)

ERC Institute (ERCI)

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Feature of Institution:Private    Established In:2003 year
Home Country:Singapore
Geographical Location:Located in the eastern part of Singapore

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ERC Institute (ERCI) was established in 2003 by ERC Holdings (ERC) to provide education with a difference and raise the bar in education services in Singapore. ERC Holdings was founded by a group of successful Asian entrepreneurs in 1999 to cultivate a strong entrepreneurial culture in Asia.

ERC Institute (ERCI) primary objective is to groom and mentor a new generation of business leaders equipped with skills to analyze and solve real world business challenges of today.

ERC Holdings and ERCI work closely with government bodies, such as the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) and Singapore Tourism Board (STB). Up till 2006, ERC Holdings was a “LEAP Partner” of Economic Development Board (EDB) in appreciation of efforts to accelerate the growth of enterprises and industries in Singapore.

To date, more than 10,000 students have graduated from ERCI. ERC Institute (ERCI) have produced ideas and leaders that shape the world of business. Our hands on, market-based approach to business education transforms our students into confident, effective, respected business leaders equipped to analyze and solve real world business challenges. We bring the market to the classrooms.

ERCI Short Courses
For an individual to succeed in building a persona brand that spells confidence, professionalism and success, it is essential to invest in courses that helps to development oneself. Base on individual needs', ERC Institute have developed a vast area of self-development courses.

ERC Institute short courses consist of our Executive Development Series, Personal Developement Series, Foreign Language Programme, Mini MBA courses, Project Management Professional and Sun Tzu Art of War Series. These short courses will not only help in one's career, but also to enhance one's personal development.

ERCI Short courses' duration ranges from a 1 day programme to a 3 months programme at an affordable cost. Lecturers are practitioners, netizens and veterans in their own industries who will be more than academically qualified to share with the students.

ERCI students enjoy excellent education and recreational facilities so as to receive an outstanding holistic education experience. The ERCI Main Campus, located at River Valley Road, provides more than 17,000 sq metres of space and 18 classrooms with state-of-the-art teaching facilities to accommodate more than 400 students on-campus. ERCI students enjoy recreational facilities such as basketball courts, soccer fields, barbeque pits, a golf range as well as a research and study library. ERCI adopts a lecture-tutorial system used by universities around the world. While students enjoy the benefits of personalized attention in tutorials, lectures serve the function of providing essential core information which is not covered in tutorials. At ERCI, lecture groups are generally no more than 150 students while tutorial groups are small with class sizes ranging from between 10 to 35 students., ERCI students also receive business grooming and mentorship from ERCI's founding members and board of directors, who are also corporate titans in their industry of choice.


Career Opportunities
Programmes offered by ERCI have attracted ambitious entrepreneurs, managers and executives from a wide variety of industries (architectural, chemical, commercial, electronics, financial, tourism & hospitality, IT, pharmaceutical etc) as well as the civil service. Our programme participants are employed by some of the following organisations:

ERCI is a leading education provider in Asia. We were founded by some of Asia’s top business leaders to groom the next generation of business captains. Our students enjoy excellent education and recreational facilities so that they can have an outstanding holistic education. They are also groomed and mentored by our panel of corporate titans to have that edge over their peers. Over 5,000 students have entrusted their education needs with us, so come join us so we can share our secrets of success with you. 


English: English level not reached ERC entrance requirements
[local students] college: ERC Foundation course (more than 16-year-old junior high school graduates attending) or 'O' level three undergraduate subjects: Complete the ERC Advanced Diploma or equivalent diploma

[international students]: through the ERC international students college preparatory courses ( over 16 years old junior high school graduates enrolled ) or high school graduation, IELTS 5.5degree: college or bachelor's degree student, as the case may apply for exemption of some subjects; college or university graduates, as the case may be directly into the second or last year; IELTS 6


Master: domestic recognized Bachelor degree or nationally recognized 3 year college degree, and requires at least three years management experience of at least IELTS6.5, TOEFL exam score of at least 600, IBT 79, or through the ERC English test 

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