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Curtin University of Techology Singapore (Curtin )

Curtin University of Techology Singapore (Curtin )

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Feature of Institution:Private    Established In:2008 year
Home Country:Singapore
Geographical Location:Toa payoh

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Curtin has been delivering its programs in Singapore since 1986. In 2008, Curtin took its relationship with Singapore one step further when it inaugurated our new state of the art Curtin Singapore campus.

The S$20 million campus is located in the heart of Singapore city and offers Curtin students a conducive and safe study environment. Currently, the campus offers the following facilities to its students and intends to continuously improve and introduce new facilities in the years to come.

■40 classrooms equipped with AV equipment
■10 lecture theatres
■Student canteen
■Sports and shower facilities
■Well equipped library which is also e-connected to Curtin Perth
■4 Computer labs
■Student lounge
■Study room
■Student discussion rooms
■Fully WiFi enabled campus
■Prayer room
■Medical bay
■Student counselling room
■A lush landscaped campus
Managed by specialists: Navitas Ltd
Curtin Singapore is proudly managed and operated by Curtin Education Center, part of the Navitas Ltd group.

Navitas is a global educational group that enhances the Curtin Singapore educational experience with its extensive experience in providing quality services to students. The specialist management skills at Navitas complement our longstanding national and international reputation for the delivery of quality education. Students at Curtin Singapore will benefit from the commitment to excellence that is characteristic of Curtin University and Navitas.

Vision, mission and values
Curtin Singapore aspires to be a preferred international provider of higher education in the region by 2020

Curtin Singapore is committed to the provision of high quality and diverse academic programs which meet the education needs of the wider community

■Integrity - Being consistently honest and trustworthy in all activities
■Respect - Having regard for self and others
■Fairness - Ensuring just decisions through open decision-making
■Care - Acting to ensure the welfare of others

Curtin campuses
Curtin has continued to grow internationally with the opening of Curtin Singapore in November 2008.

Curtin Singapore gives students access to a flexible, superb education in one of the world's most cosmopolitan cities. Students at Curtin Singapore enjoy first-class facilities, highly qualified staff, innovative teaching methods, as well as close links with industry practitioners.

Curtin College
Curtin College is an integrated pathway provider to Curtin University and offers courses designed to prepare you for entry into the second year of Curtin's Bachelor Degree. Its flexible entry requirements, smaller classes and extra support make it a popular choice for those who don't immediately qualify for university.

Based on the main Bentley campus in Building 205, Curtin College provides qualifications ranging from pre-university to Diploma programs for Australian and international students. These qualifications guarantee a place in the second year of the related Bachelor degree, subject to meeting progression rules and entry requirements.

All streams are available to international students but only Commerce, Arts and Creative Industries, Mass Communication, Information Technology, Engineering, Mining Engineering, Health Sciences (Nursing, Psychology, Health Promotion or Laboratory Medicine only) are available to students from Australia and New Zealand.

Curtin College offers the following programs which will qualify students for university entry:

■Diploma (identical to the first year of the Bachelor's Degree) - Eight or nine university level units studied over a period of two to three trimesters or two semesters depending on your area of study
■Certificate IV Tertiary Preparation Program - Eight pre-university level units studied over a period of two to three trimesters
■Tertiary Access Program - Four pre-university level units studied over a period of one trimester

[ local students ]A level in 2 subjects and the O level in 3 subjects, the O level English achievement within 6 points
[ international students ] high school graduate or undergraduate students in reading,6 mark of IELTS

Master Degree: Bachelor degree or approved equivalent, IELTS 6.5(single of each do not less than 6 point) 

Hotline China:0086-4007160816 Hotline Singapore:0065-67379958
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