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Asian Educational Consortium (AEC)

Asian Educational Consortium (AEC)

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Feature of Institution:Private    Established In:1985 year
Home Country:Singapore
Geographical Location:Bukit Merah

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Through strategic partnerships with internationally recognized universities and professional bodies, AEC  offer studentsquality programs in Business, Tourism and Hospitality, Media & Communications, amongst many others. With AEC, studentswill find friendly, caring, experienced and qualified teachers to support studentswith a total learning environment that suits students' work, family and study lifestyle.

students' future will always be our first priority!

Corporate Profile
Asian Educational Consortium (AEC) stands out as a prime education and training provider.

AEC  facilitate learning, foster creativity and develop knowledge skills and confidence in students globally to attaining their personal goals.

AEC  forged strategic alliances with world class and internationally recognized universities and institutions in offering a broad range of quality programs at various levels that include undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, and professional qualifications. AEC  offer students quality programs in Business related fields, Tourism and Hospitality, and Language amongst many others. As a matter of fact, one of our long-standing partners is the University of Birmingham, United Kingdom.

The new knowledge-based borderless economy brings about complex needs and uncertainties. AEC is desirous to equip its students with programs to develop, upgrade and refine the necessary skills relevant to the job market.

AEC  are committed to meet our students' needs for a prime education and as premier training provider. With us, students will find a total learning environment that supports their work, families and study lifestyles.

A Global Leader In Quality Education

To impart knowledge, skills and confidence; thereby enhancing value to our stakeholders

AEC  shall strive towards quality management.

AEC  shall always work in unity.

AEC  shall practise accountability at work.

AEC  shall be loyal to our stakeholders.

AEC  shall seek continual innovation in our work.

AEC  shall seek to be honest and sincere.

AEC  shall impart knowledge to stakeholders.

AEC  shall deliver service excellence.

AEC  shall work our best to achieve success

AEC College is an environment where people from all nationalities work as a cohesive team to continually strive towards excellence and produce career-ready individuals and enhance value to all stakeholders.


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Hotline China:0086-4007160816 Hotline Singapore:0065-67379958
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