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Program Name Completion Time Location Tuition Fee
企业发展中的文凭(房地产) 9个月 Central S$4800
工商管理(荣誉)文学士(创业) 12个月 Central S$18900
工商管理(荣誉)文学士 12个月 Central S$18900
英文 3个月 Array S$1950
英国高级大专文凭 互动媒体 32个月 Central S$13000
英国高级大专文凭 平面设计 32个月 Central S$13000
英国高级大专文凭 三维设计 32个月 Array S$13000
英国高级大专文凭 商业与金融 32个月 Central S$13000
英国高级大专文凭-电脑软件工程 32个月 Central S$13000
英国高级大专文凭 - 电脑商业资讯科技 32个月 Central S$13000
商业研究专业 文学学士学位 12个月 Central S$18000
心理、婚姻、家庭专业 - 中文课程 24个月 Central S$0
工商管理专业 - 中文课程 12个月 Array S$6600
销售管理专业 - 中文课程 12个月 Central S$6600
创业管理专业 - 中文课程 12个月 Central S$6600
酒店管理专业 - 中文课程 12个月 Central S$3800
工商管理专业 - 中文课程 12个月 Central S$3800
销售学专业 - 中文课程 12个月 Central S$3800
创业管理专业 - 中文课程 12个月 Central S$3800
物流及供应链管理工商管理硕士 22个月 Central S$16700
国际商务MBA学位 22个月 Central S$16700
物流及供应链管理 16个月 Central S$8100
IT管理研究生文凭 16个月 Central S$8100
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Successful case
Name School Hostel Date Service
fang tian cheng
FIS Institute (FIS)
Preparatory Course for Cambridge A-Level Examinations( 2 years)
owner occupied home Signed by:Aug 08,2012
Arrived:Aug 25,2012
Private universities
zhang li ruo heng
Asian Educational Consortium (AEC)
Preparatory Course for Singapore- Cambridge General Certificate of Education (Ordinary Level) Examination (for two years)
owner occupied home Signed by:Aug 08,2012
Arrived:Aug 16,2012
Primary school
yang ruo gu
Nexus International School,Singapore (NISS)
International Primary School(Primary 1-5)
owner occupied home Signed by:Aug 13,2012
Arrived:Aug 15,2012
Primary school
zhang ding yuan
Kaplan Higher Education Academy(Singapore )
Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and Public Relations (Double Major)
Singapore WhiteHouse Student Hostel(EI062) Signed by:Aug 03,2012
Arrived:Aug 12,2012
Private universities,Apartment
li cheng
Kaplan Higher Education Academy(Singapore )
Diploma in Professional Business English Programme (PBEP)
Singapore CA Student Hostel(EI009) Signed by:Jul 26,2012
Arrived:Aug 05,2012
Private universities
wang peng
Informatics Academy (Informatics )
Proficiency In English
Singapore GR Student Hostel(EI007) Signed by:Jul 27,2012
Arrived:Aug 05,2012
Private universities

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Visit by Mr Martin Boyce - La Trobe Melbourne
Visit by Mr Martin Boyce - La Trobe Melbourne

This October 2013 has been a busy month for Ei Holdings On 21st October 2013, we hosted our third international visitor - Mr Martin Boyce, Marketing Director, for La Trobe Melbourne This was his maiden visit to our office Together with Joanne and Glenn, the visitor was given an insight of our company s profile, strategy, directions and future development

Encore visit by Mr Steven Wong
Encore visit by Mr Steven Wong

It was our pleasure to host Mr Steven Wong who is Marketing Manager for Eynesbury College, on 17th October 2013 This was his maiden visit to our company Upon his arrival, Mr Steven was given a brief introduction of the company s growth, developments and strategy for the last quarter of 2013 He was pleasantly surprised by the significant developments within such as a span of time and was truly impressed with the tremendous growth and milestones that Ei Holdings had achieved over the years