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  Waitakere College was the first to produce THE ADDAMS FAMILY musical in the country!! It was a brand new musical fresh off Broadway and it was absolutely, drop dead, hilarious! This comedy musical lived up to its dark comedy roots beginning in the 1930s as a cartoon series. During the 1960‟s THE ADDAMS FAMILY became a hit TV series, based on the characters from the cartoons.


  The early 1990s saw THE ADDAMS FAMILY hit Hollywood in two movies. Then in 2010 the musical was born. The rights to produce the show were only released last November and Waitakere College jumped at the opportunity to produce the show for the first time in New Zealand. It was also Gillian Payne‟s directing debut, teacher of Drama and Dance at Waitakere College. We were very fortunate to also be sponsored this year by Davis Funerals, a very fitting sponsorship considering the nature of the show.


  Complete with smoke machine (used at Lady Gaga‟s performance), black lights and strobe, the special effects enhanced the performance. But what really brought the story to life were the performers. Chris Moore and Lina Yearsley stared as Gomez the father and Morticia the mother.

  Chris‟s Spanish accent, energy, gymnastic ability and fantastic comedic timing made him the perfect Gomez. Lina was the absolute embodiment of Morticia. Not only did she look absolutely the part but her demure demeanour hauntingly singing were perfect for the part.


  Molly Faucett played the role of the dark daughter Wednesday. Her voice was unforgettable as she belted out the songs with power and skill. Her portrayal of Wednesday was flawless, finding both the dark side and sunshiny side of the role.


  Her love interest, Lucas Beineke, was played by Talisan Rewega-Smyth. Talisan was the total good guy exterior with dark side interior, with amazing acting, especially for a novice.

  Grandma was a standout, and keeping with Waitakere tradition of a male cast in a female role. Liam Cassie was the fantastically fanatic Grandma, grossing us out, adlibbing about Uncle Herman, and making us all laugh out loud. Pugsley, Wednesday‟s younger brother was played by performing arts student, Year 10 Eddie Earlly. We could relate to his naughty younger brother portrayal. Fester narrated the show, played by Adrian Senk. Engaging with the audience he had us all captivated and following along with the story. Tama Abraham was the zombie butler Lurch. For a character with no lines you would not have known it, his expression said it all. Parents to Lucas were Alice, played by Year 10 performing arts student Madz McKinnon and Mal, played by Year 11 drama student Mario Kiss.

  Madz‟s transformation from the restrained, sweet Alice into her true self, speak her mind, let loose Alice was sensational! Mario was the epitome of the „normal‟ straight laced, square, safe „Dad‟ figure.



  The chorus, who played the Ancestors, was made up of year 9 to year 12 students, many of whom are in the Performing Arts Program (PFA). They sang and danced, hung from rope vines, climbed out of the trap door, found their way through smoke, were lit up by black lights, hid behind tombstones and gave energy to the show! They wore wigs and were done up in make-up from head to toe for each show beingthe „ghouly-ness‟ to the show. Superb job!

  The dancer Ancestors were a remarkable team who took on challenging, zombie choreography by Leonie Orsborn. They terrorized the audience, dancing amongst the rows, fell off stage, rolled on stage, slide on stage and energized every scene they were in, with a stand out performance in the Tango scene by Leonie Orsborn and Connor Moore.

  Megan Barry, previous Director of the Musicals at Waitakere, was an amazing mentor with her incredible knowledge, experience and guidance. Ethan Mitchell took on the role of PA to the director, attending all rehearsals, taking the role and generally taking care of all the details. His ability to spot all the things that needed doing was an asset during the production. Former students Codie Bennets and Robyn Milner generously volunteered their time backstage for the run of the show. Another ex student Thomas Devereau planned, filmed and crafted the video for the end of the show, where Fester flys to the moon. This was such a neat project that taught students about filming and using green screen and was another special effect that lifted the quality of the production.

  Without the Musical Director Stephen Nightingale, the show could not have happened. He worked tirelessly with the Lead Actors on their solo songs, training performing arts students on all the technical aspects, teaching the whole cast the songs which were incredibly technical this year.

  The original songs were so catchy, there wasn‟t an audience member who left not singing one of the songs. Thank you to Jayden Lee and Evonne Cheng, talented ex Waitakere College students who made up the band for us this year.

  A massive thank you to our make up crew, stage crew, sound assistants, lighting crew, poster design team and the Marketing Team all of whom helped make the show seem so professional.We had a fantastic marketing team including new business manager at the school Kath Hurley. Kubi Witten-Hannah and prefect Hayden Datt organized students to drop flyers and promote the show through social media. Our Facebook page „An Evening with the Addams‟ was used to post pictures from rehearsal and invite people along.

  Kath Hurley organized a photo shoot with our sponsor Davis Funeral who brought along their hearse!

  There was a huge team of teachers this year that helped with the production including set builders and set painters. There was also a hard working team sourcing and sewing the Leads costumes.

  Lyn Maxlow stage managed the production again, along with Martin Hannan on the sound desk and Lee Devenish designing the program and poster. Rosie Garner was the incredible props gatherer, and a huge thank you to the efficient team that helped organize the stellar preview night. There was a large make up team including Eddie Earlly‟s mom, professional make-up artist, Bridget Earlly.

  Thank you to the front of house team and everyone else that helped in some way whether it be setting up displays or running around picking up or dropping off much needed props or equipment! Thank you to all our friends and family for their support, and anyone I might have missed. It was a massive effort and we thank everyone who was involved.

  We had a fantastic run and wonderful, positive, praising feedback from people who saw it. It was a polished, seamless and professional production! This has truly been an incredible experience that will be fondly remembered. Thank you to my outstanding cast, you took on a challenging, new production and made it an unforgettable show! Thank you for your hard work and dedication, and always having a sense of humour.

  Gillian Payne, Director

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