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  Term One comes to an end with a confirmation of the three pillars that make a school great; our students, our teachers and our parent/whanau community.

  Our family conferences ensure that each family have a focussed conversation with their son or daughter and their homegroup teacher. The conversation is about academic achievement, goals both short term and long term so that achievement can be stronger and sustained.

  The conversation is also about strengthening relationships. The stronger the link between you and the school the more success students will have. Thank you for being part of the strengthening of these pillars of our school.

  As teachers we have focussed this term on building better relationships with our students by knowing who our learners are, and having school wide professional development on restorative practices (R.P.). The purpose of this is to strengthen relationships and allow more focus on teaching and learning.

  This R.P. plan is part of a three year implementation plan within our college and community. It also supports our Te Kotahitanga programme and peer support programme.

  As Students, the focus for seniors has been to complete up to three credits in each subject or part of an achievement standard by the end of the term. To achieve academic success early is crucial. Knowing where you are academically lets students and staff know where the effort needs to be put to ensure success is maintained throughout the year.

  For the juniors it is adjusting to secondary school standards, knowing their Asttle maths and reading baselines and setting goals to lift these over the next terms. This focus will be supported in term two with our „reading fitness‟ and „reading together‟ programmes that you will hear about at


  Congratulations to the cast and crew of the outstanding “Addams Family” show. Fantastic !God Bless and have a safe Easter and holidays.

  Mark P Shanahan






  Hazel has been chosen as NEW ZEALAND REP for 2014 OCEANIA & SOUTH PACIFIC SENIOR, JUNIOR & YOUTH WEIGHTLIFTING CHAMPIONSHIPS (Continental Olympic Youth Qualification Event)Mont Dore, New Caledonia 24th May to 1st June, 2014 . See page 2 for fundraising information.


  Congratulations Jarrod who has been selected for the Auckland 12/13 Interprovincial Team for Athletics. Interprovincials are being held at Regional Sports Park, Hastings 19th and 20th April. The team consists of 11 boys and 11 girls for each age group. This is a wonderful experience for the athletes selected.


Mesha White

  Mesha competed in the NISS Athletics Championships 5th and 6th April in Masterton. She came 5th in the 2000m track race walk in a new PB time of 13.45.17 (13secs faster than her old time). Well done Mesha.

Rose Hinton

  Well done Rose for receiving a 3rd place medal at the Soap Box Derby Nationals held at Whangaparoa on Sunday 30th March.

  Boys Cricket

  Congratulations to 8 Aside Midweek Central/South cricket winners. They beat Liston in the Final. Well done!

  Hazel Latoa Fundraiser

  Hazel will be holding a Fundraiser at Crossfit

  Waitakere on May 10th.

  There will be stations with a set weight set up and every minute or so people will go to each station and complete the lift, advancing to the next one, until they get to their maximum life or personal best. So there are 3 ways of helping to raise funds; the Give A Little page (see below), supporting an athlete e.g. $2 per station successfully completed or $1 a kilo for the max weight (if Hazel lifts 50 kilos she would get $50) or a koha (donation) on the day.

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