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1.  Am I required to apply for a Singapore Blue Identity Card (SBIC) if I am a Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR)? 
 Yes. All SPRs aged 15 and above are required to apply for a SBIC within 30 days after becoming a SPR. Children below 15 years of age are not required to apply for SBICs.
2.  I am a SPR. Do I need to apply for a work pass to work in Singapore? 
 As a SPR, you are not required to apply for any working pass in order to work here. However, it does not exempt you from having to apply for registration or any other conditions stipulated by the respective professional bodies.
3.  I am a SPR but am currently not working in Singapore. Can I apply for SPR for my dependants? 
 You may submit an application for our consideration on a case-by-case basis.
4.  I am a Singapore Citizen (SC). Can I sponsor my husband for SPR? 
 You may submit an application for our consideration. Each application is considered on its own merits.
5.  How do I apply for SPR if I am overseas? 
 You may download the appropriate PR application form from our website and submit the completed application form together with all the required documents to Immigration & Checkpoints Authority through any Singapore overseas mission.
6.  Must I remain in Singapore while the application is still in process? 
 No, you are free to travel while the application is being processed.
7.  What if I do not/cannot produce the required supporting documents, e.g. Income Tax Notice of Assessment, Central Provident Fund Contributions? 
 You have to provide a written explanation on why you are unable to produce the documents.
8.  How long should she stay before becoming a Singapore Citizen? 
 Applicants granted SPR under the AIP Scheme are eligible to apply for Singapore Citizenship after 2 years of permanent residence in Singapore.
9.  My SPR has been approved. How long does it take for me to collect the Entry Permit/Re-Entry Permit? 
 Normally you may collect the document(s) within a day. However, if you come near the closing time, you may collect the document(s) the next working day.
10.  Where can a person who has been granted AIP status apply for visa to enter Singapore? 
 As an AIP holder, he/ she can apply for a visa at our mission in China to visit Singapore. She will only be permitted to stay in Singapore as a social visitor.
11.  My SPR has been approved and I am given 2 months to complete the formalities. If I cannot complete the formalities within the 2-month period, can I request for an extension? 
 If you cannot complete the formalities within the validity period, you have to write in to Immigration & Checkpoints Authority in advance giving the reasons. Your request will be considered accordingly.
12.  Can I authorise someone to collect the Entry Permit/Re-Entry Permit on my behalf? 
 Main applicants who are granted SPR under the Professionals/Technical Personnel and Skilled Workers or Entrepreneur Schemes are required to collect the Entry Permit/Re-Entry Permit in person.
13.  Must my wife and children come in person to collect the Entry Permit/Re-Entry Permit? 
 No, they do not need to come in person if their sponsor is collecting the Entry Permit/Re-Entry Permit on their behalf. Otherwise, a letter of authorisation stating the person's name and IC number is required. However, the wife and children (15 years old and above) need to come personally to register for the Blue Identity Card.
14.  If my wife/children do not have a passport, can I still apply SPR for them? 
 A travel document is a prerequisite for SPR application.
15.  What if I cannot produce my original passport, can I produce a photocopy? 
 A certified true copy of your passport showing the personal particulars and expiry date is acceptable for the purpose of processing your SPR application.
 16.  Can I sponsor my children who are above 21 years old for SPR? 
 No. They will have to apply on their own merits.
17.  Can I give up my SPR status and then reapply to become a SPR again in the future? 
 Yes, but the re-application will be considered on its own merits under the prevailing conditions at that time. You will also need to reinstate whatever CPF contributions (with interest) that you have withdrawn.
18.  Do I need an employer's sponsorship to apply for SPR? 
 No, it is not a prerequisite.
19.  I am a SPR but my husband is an employment pass holder. If my child is born outside Singapore, what is his/her residential status? 
 Your child will not be a SPR by birth.
20.  How can I apply for SPR for my spouse who is outside Singapore? 
 You can apply at the nearest Singapore overseas mission.
21.  Can a SPR be a self-employed person? 
 Yes, the SPR can be self-employed.
 22.  Can I apply for SPR immediately after working here? 
 You can submit an application for consideration as long as you have been issued with a P, Q or S Work Pass.
 23.  Are there any re-dress if my application for SPR is rejected? 
 You can put in an appeal. In your appeal, you should furnish additional reasons/achievements or strong grounds for our re-consideration.
 24.  I have changed employment after submitting my SPR application/receiving my SPR approval. Will it affect the status of my SPR application? 
 If your SPR application is still under processing, please submit your new work pass togther with the Annex A (to be filled up by your new employer) for our consideration.If your SPR application has been approved, please submit your new work pass together with EP152 (to be filled up by your new employer) for our consideration.
 25.  I am above 50 years old. Am I still eligible to apply for SPR? 
 You may submit an application for our consideration. Each application is considered on its own merits.
 26.  My SPR application has been approved. However, my employer refuses to sign the EP152. What should I do? 
 The purpose of the EP152 is for the applicants to confirm that they are still working in the same company as declared in their SPR application forms. If the employer refuses to sign the EP152, ICA is prepared to accept other forms of documentary evidence (e.g. a valid work pass, last 6 months' payslips, etc) of applicant's employment status.
27.  Can a divorcee sponsor his second foreign wife for SPR? 
 Yes. But the sponsor needs to produce the divorce certificate to prove the dissolution of his first marriage.
28.  Can a Foreigner, granted SPR under the Approval-In-Principle (AIP) Scheme, apply for SPR for the wife? 
29.  For a wife granted Approval-In-Principle status, can she move to Singapore first? 
 If she is granted Approval-In-Principle as a dependant, she can only be granted SPR status if her sponsor, i.e. the main applicant completes his PR formalities in Singapore.
30.  Can a SC/SPR submit a SPR application for his spouse without producing the marriage certificate at the time of application? 
 No. The marriage certificate is a prerequisite to prove the marital relationship in his spouse's SPR application.
31.  Can I apply for SPR for my parent(s) without a birth certificate? 
 In the absence of a birth certificate, you have to produce other documentary evidence to prove the relationship between you and your parent(s).
32.  At the time of SPR application, must my parent(s) be present for the interview? 
33.  Am I required to produce the marriage certificate, educational papers, birth certificates, etc of my siblings? 
 You have to produce as many of these documents as possible at the time of submission.
 34.  My father/mother has passed away but has no death certificate. What must I do? 
 You may produce other documentary proof (e.g. tombstone photograph, etc) for our consideration.

35.  If my parent(s) is/are not staying with me, can I still sponsor them for SPR? 
 Yes. As long as you are a SC, you may submit an application for our consideration.
36.  Are parents of SPRs eligible to apply for SPR? 
 They can apply on their own merits if they are employed in Singapore. Otherwise, their applications have to be sponsored by their child who must be an SC. SPRs cannot sponsor their parents for SPR.
37.  Can foreign parents apply for PR? 
 Singaporeans can still apply for Permanent Residency (PR) for their aged parents. Each case will be assessed on its merits. However the criteria for consideration have been tightened following the review of the framework for the granting PR to all foreigners. In this connection, the Government has explained that its policies relating to the granting ofPR have been reviewed and that the eligibility criteria are tightened and the numbers and pace of granting PRs and SCs are moderated. This is to ensure that the Singaporean population takes in better quality candidates.


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